Technology Profile

Our technological facilities currently include:

  • SK 12 vertical lathe
    max. workpiece diameter 1260mm, workpiece height ca. 600mm
  • SV 18R , SN 50, SU50A, SU 63 centre lathes
    rotational diameter above lathe bed max. 630mm, max. centre distance 6500mm, rotational diameter above support max. 360mm
  • R5 revolver lathe
    rotational diameter above covers 510mm, above longitudinal skids 450mm, above perpendicular support 255mm, max. workpiece length 500mm
  • SPR63 NC cam lathe
    workpiece diameter up to ca. 30mm
  • GVC1000 vertical machining centre
    fixation space of table 1000 x 500mm
  • Horizontal and vertical milling machines
    max. fixation table area 320 x 1250mm, table shifts 320 x 950 x 450mm
  • FQH 50 A horizontal machining centre
    max workpiece size 800x630x800 mm
  • FO6 hobbing machine
    milling module max. 6mm, wheel with max. diameter 600mm
  • H 80 horizontal boring machine
    diameter of working spindle 80mm, work table dimensions 900x1120mm, max table movements 1000 x 1100 x 1000mm
  • VR4 drill
    M4 spindle clamp cone
  • BRV 30 flat grinder
    clamping area 300 x 1500mm
  • BPH 200 flat grinder
    lamping area 300 x 1000mm
  • 2Ud round grinder
    max rotational diameter 290mm, distance between points 630mm max.
  • Locksmithery
  • Welding
    E, G, MIG, TIG, welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium
  • Hanging one-chamber sandblaster with abrasive-throwing wheels
    height 1.8m, width 1.4m
  • BIANCO MOD 370A band saw
    max. diameter 280mm, max. profile 330 x 240mm.


New enterprise software

New enterprise software DIALOG 3000S has being used since Junuary 2014. This software specialized for manufacturing companies enables advanced capacity...

New machining center

In June 2014 we put into operation newly bought machining center HAAS ST-35 with feed ranges in X axis = 1 270 mm, in Y axis = 660 mm, in Z axis = 635...


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